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From Sydney to South Coast, North Shore to Newcastle, we make banner signs for any town in the region.

Our products include banner signs outdoor advertising, indoor banner stands to present your business, vinyl banners, fabric and Satin.

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Follow these guidelines to create your vinyl banners


Because signage is big, you images should be big enough to be printed onto a sign without losing resolution and creating pixel problems.
Most signage printing companies use CMYK digital printing (also known as 'wide format' or 'large format printing'.

Take you photo in the highest possible pixel setting on you digital camera. Store this file as a .jpeg setting. Keep your photo in RGB until you are ready to manipulate your graphic design into your layout.

Once your photo is ready for sign design, create a new file in CorelDraw, Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design etc and work in the color mode: CMYK (C-cyan, m-magenta, y-yellow, k-black) The letter K is used for the black ink. This is an industry standard to avoid any confusion with RGB (b-blue)

File Resolution: Aim for 16mg per m of finished banner sign size. Example, if you file is approx 32mb, you could create a photo sign of two square metres without any printer requiring internal work on the file. That is, you file is 'ready for print'.

Exceptions: IF you are working with text only, or vector (line art) then you can reduce your file size to 16kb. Vector graphics are the best for sharpness. If your using Photoshop, create all the photo work in a pixel format, and 'place' into your file .eps, .ai or .cdr lines, texts etc. This will print better.

Work in 150 dpi (computer file) or higher. Using a 72 dpi is for your computer monitor, not commercial sign printing in large format CMYK.

If your file looks like this at zoom, then it is ok for printing.





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